Glam+Go is a "best blowout" award winning salon + blowout membership service in NYC, Miami + LA.


We believe happiness is a Great Hair Day - everyday, and anytime you want.

With top stylist, 8 convenient locations, 30-Minute signature blowouts + 15-minute "Express Blowouts",When you’re short on time but have high standards, that’s where we come in.


Our Specialty Services, so you can Glam+Go.

A glam+go signature blowout is a classic wash + blow, that meets 30 minute time marks and a-list standards.

a glam+go express blowout is a 15-minute service that starts on dry hair, for a blowout finish in half the time.

for blowout feinds (like us) we created the unlimited blowout membership. ready to kiss bad hair days to the curb? 

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Let us handle your hair, so you can take care of everything else. 

We created the Unlimited Blowout membership so you can have great hair days, everyday, anytime you want them. While pro-pampering for occasions is great, we believe you should look just as great on Wednesday. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good [with a great blowout]... world watch out.   


1. Choose your Glam+Go membership. / 2. Book top quality blowouts in advance or on the fly across all Glam+Go locations between NYC, Miami + LA. / 3. Take back your time. R.I.P.: Your Blowdryer.

"Convenient locations, great service & stylists and fabulous hair" - Randi S.

"Glam&Go is the best way to start my day." - Maryann B. 

"I love my membership! I think its the best thing ever. I tell my friends (and strangers) about it every time I get a compliment on my hair." - Taren W.

"I love my Glam+Go monthly membership! My hair looks like I walked off the pages of a Victoria Secret’s magazine! I never have a bad hair day!" - Tawnya M. 

"I walk around the city with Victoria's Secret angel hair. Glam&Go is too good to be true" - Tatianna S

"It's not just about looking great-it's about feeling great. Since becoming a member I've never have a bad hair day!" - Caroline P.

"The best part about Glam & Go is how easy it is.  The blow outs are amazing, the products are amazing and I love that the whole idea is express so I'm in an out way faster than a normal salon!" - Ali C. 
"I never knew what I was missing until G&G entered my life. My days are pretty much always hectic and on the go 24/7, and G&G is like my guardian angel that makes sure I'm looking fabulous everywhere that life's adventure takes me" - Alicia R.


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